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We would be pleased to receive and welcome any feedback you may have in the form of compliments, suggestions, enquiries or complaints. Both positive and negative feedback is utilised to maintain and improve the quality of service provision and inform the future development of SLIP Enabler.

When providing feedback, please provide us with a Feedback Type in the Subject line, so that we can direct your feedback to the appropriate personnel and some contact details for getting back to you.

  • Technical: eg. connection, speed of service, capabilities
  • Data Presentation: eg. attributes, coverage, style
  • Quality: data quality
  • Recommendation: any additional data set that you would like to access through SLIP
  • Other: other feedback you wish to make


You can also Contact SLIP Enabler Support on (08) 9273 7341 and speak to on of our friendly customer service staff at Landgate.

Landgate Feedback Policy

What happens to my Feedback?

All feedback received by SLIP Enabler Support is recorded in Landgate's Feedback database.

SLIP Enabler support staff are responsible for ensuring that your feedback is heard and responded to by Landgate management.

Support staff will:

  • Identify the key points of your feedback.
  • Respond to any issue that you have raised.
  • Escalate to the appropriate area within Landgate or SLIP Data Custodian if your issue can't be handled on the spot.
  • Monitor and manage your feedback to ensure it is not forgotten.

Feedback that is escalated to the SLIP Enabler Operations team is recorded, prioritised and actioned where possible. Enhancement requests (requirements) that cannot be actioned or require further input are noted for future SLIP Enabler development.

The Latest Feedback page provides details and status of current logged Feedback.

Landgate does not provide technical support for 3rd party GIS applications, however where possible some issues have been tested, on behalf of users, and reported to the application vendors as bugs. See Known GIS Application Issues and Workarounds for more information.