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Why Provide SLIP Services?

Becoming a SLIP Data Custodian means that you will be able to deliver SLIP WMS and WFS services to your customers. SLIP will provide, maintain and support the infrastructure, however as a Data Custodian you will continue to have control of your data, together with who can access your data.

Information/Cost Efficiencies

By using a shared foundation already in place, cost efficiency can be greatly increased. If agencies were to develop their own systems independently the result would be an agency-centric, fragmented dissemination of information, however by becoming a data custodian you would be contributing to the vision of whole-of-government resource availability.

Data Custodial Agencies Retain Control

Fundamental to the SLIP approach is that Data Custodians retain control of the data that they provide. You will have the responsibility to maintain your data and metadata, and are in the best position to understand it and make modifications where required. You will control:

  • Which datasets are accessible via SLIP Data Services
  • How frequently the datasets are updated
  • Where they are physically located
  • Which data consumers will have access to these datasets
  • Any changes required to be made prior to publication
  • Metadata

Providing Your Services Through SLIP

SLIP Data Custodians are the authoritative, responsible managers of their datasets and associated metadata. Data Custodians may host their own datasets, or engage an external party to provide technical infrastructure to host datasets, for the provision of Data Services to SLIP. In either case Data Custodians retain accountability of their datasets. 

Submit Part A's and Change Request Forms here. 

Data Custodians are required to complete and submit a Part A documentation for a new dataset (one Part A per layer).