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Enabling Framework

The SLIP enabling framework, known as SLIP Enabler, provides the infrastructure required to enable access to the government’s significant land and geographic information resources.

SLIP Enabler is a toolbox that combines infrastructure and services to provide improved access to land information that will support the development of business solutions traversing the traditional single agency boundaries.

SLIP Enabler also provides:

  • a web-based map viewer that is used for the WA Atlas and integrated into business applications;
  • an online catalogue of spatial data and spatial data services;
  • a secure environment for viewing and controlling access to data which will ensure that the custodial rights and obligations can be met without restricting the amount of data that can be made available;
  • system monitoring and metering services that will allow suppliers of data to better understand the demand for their data and allow State government to measure the service that is providing to its customers; and
  • will provide custodians with the capability to charge and bill for services within the current government and WALIS guidelines.

The development of SLIP Enabler was led by Landgate but involved the SLIP focus areas (Emergency Management, Natural Resource Management, electronic Land Development, and Interest Enquiry) as well as agencies seeking to make data available through SLIP and other stakeholders within Government and the WALIS community.

SLIP Enabler forms the foundation of an information connection service, which will allow development of cross-government solutions to meet specific information needs. SLIP is likely to mature into a significant strategic system over a number of years incorporating many business applications and a large number of data sources.

SLIP Enabler is ISO 9001:2008 accredited, guaranteeing quality for our customers. Some of the benefits of this accreditation include:

  • Improved consistency of service and product performance;
  • Improved productivity and efficiency through continuous improvement processes; and
  • Better products and services.

A summary of the features and benefits of SLIP Enabler is outlined below, also refer to the SLIP Enabler Brochure to find out more about how SLIP Enabler can benefit you, or how you can get enabled, today.


SLIP Enabler adopts an approach which uses contemporary internet technology, based on a Services Oriented Architecture, to provide a common approach across government. This provides a single point for applications (web browsers, GIS applications or other business applications) to gain access to land information distributed across many government agencies. Open standards (Open Geospatial Consortium - OGC) are used as the basis for accessing land information, maximising the opportunities for interoperability across platforms and applications.

The SLIP approach has several advantages:

  • the need to copy data and systems is significantly reduced as data will be accessed from the source agency;
  • users will have access to the same currency of data, from the same point of truth;
  • security is managed and data access can be controlled as required by the custodian of the data;
  • the distributed nature of the architecture allows agencies to retain full control of their data systems; and
  • since SLIP “knows” where the source data resides, users and applications don’t have to manage links or references to specific data stores.


SLIP Enabler enhances the use of spatial information through:

  • simplified access to the Government’s land and geographic information by providing on-line access using shared infrastructure and services to link individual agencies systems and data stores together;
  • improved efficiency of Government’s business processes involving land and geographic information, particularly those which span several agencies; and
  • support of the Government’s e-government reform agenda.

Current Status

SLIP Enabler was officially launched to the WA business community in September 2008, following its launch to government agencies in August 2007.

During 2008, SLIP Enabler and SLIP have been the recipient of a number of prestigious awards. These include:

  • November: 2008 Premier's Awards for Excellence in Public Sector Management - Overall Winner - SLIP Enabler
  • November: 2008 Premier's Awards for Excellence in Public Sector Management - Category Winner, Improving Government - SLIP Enabler
  • November: Asia Pacific Spatial Excellence Awards - Spatially Enabling Government award - SLIP
  • August: Western Australian Spatial Excellence Awards - Overall winner -SLIP

SLIP Enabler is now in full production, and is in a constant state of development, adapting to meet the needs of business and the community.

There are currently over 350 datasets available to the SLIP data services from over 20 agencies. Some are publicly available, whereas others require registration.

At the end of 2008, more than 1,500 individuals, agencies and businesses have registered and are using SLIP Enabler. The sustainability of SLIP Enabler is ensured via the system being easily extendable to take in more agencies for limited cost and the ongoing development of new business applications. Feedback from the wider spatial industry indicates SLIP Enabler is hitting the target.

Interest in SLIP Enabler is also increasing in the private sector and protocols for private sector involvement have been developed. Interest in being able to offer data or services through SLIP Enabler has also extended nationally.


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SLIP Services

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