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CA (NYSE: CA), one of the world's largest information technology (IT) management software companies, unifies and simplifies the management of enterprise-wide IT in a secure way for greater business results. Our tools and expertise help customers manage risk, improve service, manage costs and align their IT investments with their business needs.

This approach, Enterprise IT Management (EITM), is our vision for how customers can close the gap between the promise of IT and what it actually delivers. We make it possible for customers to manage all of the people, the processes, the computers, applications, systems, security, networks and databases that make up their computing environments, whether distributed or mainframe, and regardless of the hardware or software they are using.

We build our solutions on the CA Integration Platform, which is the common architectural foundation that allows customers to integrate and share all IT assets and resources. This means customers can not only react to events, but they can also proactively manage their IT environments to pursue new business opportunities quickly and respond to market dynamics more effectively and competitively. Today, we serve more than 98 percent of the Global 1000® companies, as well as government organisations, educational institutions and thousands of other companies in diverse industries worldwide. To date:

  • We own approximately 300 patents, with more than 1,700 pending worldwide;
  • We have a global development staff of approximately 5,500 in U.S., UK, Australia, China, Germany, India, Israel and the Czech Republic;
  • CA is active in or leading all major standards organisation to stay on top of – and even help set – industry directions. We have achieved the exacting standards of the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) 9002:1994 Global Certification and 9001:2000, the ultimate ISO certification for global quality;
  • We also spend $650 million each year designing and supporting software to extend our functionality and capabilities in network and systems management, security and storage.

Founded in 1976, CA is a global company with headquarters in Islandia, NY, and 150 offices in more than 45 countries. Our management team is a strong mix of proven leaders with track records of success and customer satisfaction at companies such as IBM, HP, Citigroup, Dell, Altria, Novell, Oracle and more. They lead a global team of more than 15,000 employees who are passionate about technology and delivering results for customers. In fiscal year 2006, CA reported $3.53 billion in revenue.

CA Services

CA Services is CA’s international business and technology-consulting organisation. We pride ourselves on developing solutions that deliver rapid return-on-investment, increase market share and secure competitive business advantage.

CA is dedicated to providing valuable technology consulting expertise - from strategic planning phases through to evaluation and implementation. We leverage our breadth of expertise in enterprise networking, application development and systems integration to drive the market with high-profile solutions. Our ability to partner with clients, sharing responsibility for the decisions that are made, provides a forum from which CA delivers leading-edge expertise.

In Western Australia, CA Services has a proud and distinguished history from our origins as Australian Technology Resources (ATR) – a leading Application and Support solution provider through to CA Services today. CA in Western Australia consists of 70 IT professionals, many of whom have been with CA since the ATR acquisition. CA has implemented multiple enterprise level technology solutions for both government and corporate sector clients. A key element common to all of these solutions has been a strong focus on business outcomes – in particular, the delivery of Application Solutions to further improve service offerings by our clients.

One of the key factors in CA’s strong track record in Perth is the experience of the local team. The average length of service across all our employees is in excess of 8 years – a factor we believe is unmatched in the local market.

Services Offered

CA has worked as Landgate’s Portal Services partner since March 2004. Landgate teamed with CA as the best team bringing together premier suppliers of the relevant technology and business knowledge to work with Landgate to implement the Portal Services Strategy.

This was the commencement of an ambitious and unique program to implement the Landgate Enterprise Portal Technical Architecture. Key concepts from the OGC Reference Model and Service Orientated Architecture (SOA) were incorporated to enable integration between business and spatial data services for the delivery of online land information solutions.

In particular, CA has played a pivotal and strategic role in the Shared Land Information Platform (SLIP) program. Our involvement in the implementation and experience with OGC standards within the SLIP Core services provides Landgate with access to market leading capability through our ability to offer strategic and technical guidance in applying appropriate, standards and specifications of the OGC for a whole of government initiative.

The planning and development of these programs involved significant technical and business requirements gathering and analysis. CA’s knowledge and mature understanding of these programs positions us well to support organisations in delivering the required outcomes against the targeted timelines, and therefore enabling organisations to leverage the SLIP Enabler environment.

CA has successfully integrated and tested the technology layers of the SLIP enabling framework and is presently rolling out the pilot framework to SLIP members. Given the complexity and leading-edge implementations of this program of work, CA’s experienced team of consultants are well positioned to continue this work and deliver the main objectives of the SLIP-EF program which are to:

  • Design and develop the architecture to support the provision of services and products through the LandGate/SLIP Portal or agency applications without the user having to know where within the Government the service and data originate;
  • Enable access to approximately 60 datasets and a secure, metered method of accessing geospatial information, anywhere, anytime, based on OGC open standards;
  • Enable end users and applications to discover and access remote online information through a distributed infrastructure to be provided to 15 spatial information agencies;
  • Enable integration of disparate geospatial information to provide seamless views;
  • Enable wide-scale interoperability by adhering to common and open information standards and specifications.

Contact Details

Ken Angus
Account Manager
Phone: +61 8 9488 8120
Fax: +61 8 9488 8010