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Available Datasets

SLIP Enabler has enabled a data service that provides users with ready access to whole-of-government spatial data resources through a single online environment, regardless of where the data is stored or how it is maintained.

From a data custodial perspective, agencies still retain control and the responsibility for maintaining their own data, however by using a shared foundation already in place cost efficiency can be greatly increased.

There are three broad categories of datasets available, Public, Subscription and Restricted. To gain access to subscription or restricted datasets please contact the SLIP Enabler Online Support team, who will nominate an Account Manager to assist you.

How you use and search SLIP is changing – you can now search SLIP, and a growing world of other open government data at

Update Frequency

SLIP Enabler endeavours to provide the most up-to-date and accurate spatial datasets. However, it is the responsibility of Data Custodians to supply and maintain accurate spatial information, including metadata records.

The update frequency of datasets in SLIP is specified by the Data Custodian. Some datasets, by their nature, are updated more frequently than others.

For the last date loaded into SLIP refer to the Public WMS Service and layer Date/Time stamp, for example, Aboriginal Heritage Sites (DIA-001) (04-09-2012 21:41:21) indicates that the data was loaded into SLIP on 4th September 2012 at 9.41pm.

The Date/Time stamp does not indicate when the Data Custodian updated the data, but rather when it was last loaded into SLIP.

Many Custodians also include feature level Date Modified/Updated attributes within their data.

Landgate Subscription Layers are updated in SLIP as indicated on the Subscription page. For those Subscription datasets updated Daily, update scripts are run Monday to Friday, at various times between 1:00am and 12:00pm.

Data Download is scheduled to update every night, scripts will only execute however, if it recognises that there is new data available in the upload directory.

For Custodial update frequencies please refer to Interragator+ or contact the relevant Agency.

A 2,000 feature limit applies to all services excluding Tenure, Cadastre and Roads these three services have a feature limit of 10,000.

SLIP Enabler Subscription Services

SLIP Enabler currently provides access to over 350 datasets from over 20 government agencies, making it a one-stop-shop for government land information. The majority of these services are free to access, however there are a number of chargeable services outlined below.

  • Administration Boundaries
  • Cadastre
  • Aerial Imagery
  • Topography (Medium & Large Scale)
  • Tenure
  • Crown Reserves
  • Road Centreline
  • Points of Interest

Landgate provides subscription access to these datasets allowing businesses to access SLIP Services for a predetermined, upfront cost. The pricing structure provides cost certainty and allows businesses to accurately budget for their land information expenses on an annual basis.

Refer to the subscription datasets page for a list of attributes contained in the subscription services.

SLIP Enabler Subscription Services Pricing

For more information on SLIP Enabler Subscription Services Pricing please contact your Landgate Account Manager or email

Data Download

SLIP Enabler also provides the ability to download predefined sets of data from the data download service, "Downloader". These datasets provide users with a snapshot of specific spatial data taken at a certain point in time.

Data is "pre-packaged" according to predefined parameters and can be used in applications that don't support access to Web Services. You can also download data that can be used when internet access isn't available, providing you with more flexibility in data use.