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About SLIP Enabler

The Shared Land Information Platform enabling framework, SLIP Enabler®, is the core technological infrastructure that allows users to access Western Australia's significant land and geographic information resources over the web and has been in operation since 2007.

Administrated by Landgate, on behalf of the State of Western Australia, SLIP Enabler has been at the forefront of opening access to government information and has fostered a culture of sharing location information through a common infrastructure benefiting many agencies and organisations. Premier's Awards 2008

SLIP Enabler provides a virtual single point of access to authoritative location information from a range of government sources, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the way location information is used and viewed.

Now incorporated within the Location Information Strategy (LIS), SLIP Enabler is positioned as a pivotal system that will deliver the information requirements of LIS while continuing to service other initiatives such as cross-government Focus Areas and Business Applications.

The Enabling Framework page provides more comprehensive information on the capabilities of SLIP Enabler. 

Power of Location



Cabinet Approval for Location Information Strategy (LIS) Funding

The WALIS Office is pleased to announce that on 7 May 2012 State Cabinet approved $23 million in funding to implement the Location Information Strategy (LIS) for Western Australia from 2012. The Program will be formally announced in the 2012/13 financial year.

Over the coming months the LIS Program Office, based within the WALIS Office, will be working with the WALIS community, as well as their new partners in the Department of Regional Development and Lands, the Regional Development Council, Department of Planning, Department of Transport, Department of the Premier and Cabinet and Department of State Development to refine detailed plans for the Program of Work.

This achievement is the result of dedicated effort across the WALIS community and other key State Government agencies. WALIS would like to express their appreciation to all those involved in the development of this major initiative and for your ongoing support throughout the delivery of this Program.

Location Information Strategy for WA

The Location Information Strategy, LIS, sets out to improve the use of location information, increase its awareness and sharing across Western Australian government. private and academia organisations.

The LIS builds on the proven foundations of the Shared Land Information Platform  (SLIP) and Western Australian Land Information System (WALIS) and incorporates the original SLIP policy standards. It also provides a new focus for this capability by addressing the challenges of rapid economic development in Western Australia.

The LIS recognises the need to enhance SLIP Enabler to ensure key policy decision making is continually leveraged from quality and reliable access to location information.

Shared Land Information Platform

The Shared Land Information Platform, SLIP, is a State Government initiative aimed at increasing agency use and collaboration by sharing information through a common platform.

SLIP was developed in response to the Government of WA's strategic planning framework; “Better Planning, Better Services” in 2003. This framework promoted a more “citizen-centric” focus and the transition towards joined-up government. Part of the aim was to better utilise Information and Communications Technology to improve service delivery to citizens. 

SLIP has successfully operationalised the long-term mandate of WALIS and has demonstrated that Government can reduce agency duplication and costs by accessing information when it is required without delay.