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SLIP Enabler has transformed the way government spatial information is used and shared. Cutting edge technology provides users with the ability to discover, view and access over 2,400 datasets - anywhere, any time - through a single online environment.

Did you know about new SLIP? A project is currently underway to build a new SLIP service. Managed by WALIS and Landgate, new SLIP will deliver an even more robust and user-driven service based on Google Maps Engine (GME). More information available here.



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New Dataset - Landgate (LGATE) Layer - 30 April 2014

On the request of Landgate, on the 30 April 2014 the following Landgate layer will be placed in the SLIP Subscription Services.

ID               Title Category Service Type
LGATE-151 Strata Tenure Cadastral and Planning  WFS/WMS

The effected services are:

If you have any queries regarding these datasets, please contact Landgate on (08) 9334 7176.

If you require assistance accessing this dataset, please contact the SLIP Enabler Support Team on (08) 9273 7832.

Scheduled Service/System Maintenances

Customers may experience difficulties access SLIP Enabler services/systems for an hour from 5:00pm on Wednesdays as Landgate perform maintenances on SLIP Enabler services/systems every Wednesday from 5:00pm to 6:00pm. If this timeframe is exceeded customers will be notified.

Landgate will endeavour to make SLIP Enabler services and systems available again within the shortest possible timeframe.